Monday, February 11, 2008

Fire in Namdaemun

This is a huge tragedy for Korea. I have several other posts that I've been meaning to put up, but they'll have to wait. Take a look at the top picture I snapped in the New Years entry - I wish I'd been standing in front of it.

Namdaemun or Sungnyemun gate was a historic landmark in Seoul. Built in 1398, it was the oldest standing wood building. According to the all knowing Wikipedia, it used to guard the city from Tigers. We're talkin' National Treasure Number 1 of Korea!

My friend James was walking his dog when he took these pictures, the first one at 9:33PM on Feb 10th. He described the significance to Koreans as like the Liberty Bell.

1:43 AM, Feb 11th

1:49 AM, Feb 11th

Next day, Feb 11th 6:45PM

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