Thursday, April 3, 2008

First day at the range - and second

We shot at a Republic of Korea base. That's one of their jump (airborne) training towers.

My first range day. Actually, the first time I've operated anything besides my (less than exciting) primary weapon, the Baretta M9. I got to play soldier and train with an M4. It was a great day, we had plenty of ammo to expend! We did things like firing rapid controlled pairs from a safe ready position and run a qualifying round. I didn't qualify, but had an excuse! The idea of a 3 round burst never excited me much, but now I think it's genius - it's pretty easy to control "semi-auto" sets of 3 round bursts - SWEET!

The second day was M9 qualification. An odd thing for me is that I shoot to the left - in pretty tight groups. Trying to guess and compensate for it at 25 yards was puttin' me all over the place. I qualified sharpshooter once and marksman once out of 3 rounds, but it wasn't pretty.

Later we did an unsupported weak arm drill where we fired with our left hand only - gangster style, but not turned. While my grouping wasn't tight, it was pretty evenly spread around the target! Doww! That right handed left eye dominance is out to get me. Next time I'll have to learn to be a lefty!


W K said...

All that left eye dominance stuff is a bunch of crock. You just need to put the bullet in the center of the target, no excuses. Love, Dad

surferb said...

Sounds strikingly like the det chief Sargent says. I'm gonna learn to shoot lefty then show you all!!!