Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hells Gate and Rotorua

Hells Gate, Rotorua - perhaps the stinkiest natural landscape I've experienced. The hot springs and mud pools were shades of gray and brown. They emitted a terrible sulferous odor, yet the area was interesting. It felt like an ominous movie scene waiting for the Boogie Monster to jump out or another planet from Star Trek. After walking the trail we had a mud bath and relaxed in sulferous spas. Probably nicer in the company of a woman, but had a good time anyway.

Rotorua was a shady place at night. Whereas wandering other locations, including the populated capital of Welli, felt entirely safe, last night was more like Oakland or Compton. Shortly after being solicited drugs, I was chatting with a drunk local who turned out to be a cop. Another local drunk who'd recently been kickout out of the club (the line we were waiting in) randomly decited to hit another man I was talking to in the back of the head without provocation. The officer went to talk to him - I followed a few seconds later. By the time I arrived, the officer was on the ground. I helped him up, noting that he was in shock and clearly needed stiches. The troublemaker decided to hit him as well. The rest of the story isn't worth mentioning - needless to say, there had been other incidents and fights that evening.

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