Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday in Milford Sound

We're the little bus in the back (reminded me of a certain Maui Princess versus Gilligan's Island dive trip)

Guide had lots of good info...

a weird land bird that can't protect itself from mammals

Kea - mountain parrot that terrorizes visitors and locals alike - in a good way. Apparently won intelligence competition recently. They found that octopuses?? are very smart, dolphins not so much - just a lot of learned behavior, and the Kea is top dog. Smarter than monkeys according to our guide.

Mirror lake was cool.

Lunch in the bus (left) - our adventure guide (right). He kinda reminded me of the Crocodile Hunter.

Lots of cool short walk paths along the way.

More tops on the bus trip to Milford Sound.

Our Milford Sound vessel.

Mineral deposits in the rock. Copper and Cobalt, I believe.

Some Seals and lots of rainbows and waterfalls.

More Milford Sound cruise pics.

A 35 minute flight to avoid the 5 hour bus ride home. Someone else canceled so we got a discount. Apparently rare. I got to be the co-pilot.

Flying above the clouds on the way back - quite a site.

In the air over Queenstown

We landed on a grass "runway" next to a real runway.

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