Monday, May 18, 2009

Bali Day 4 - Adventure Sports!

Today we moved hotels to the Bali Hyatt, which is amazing, by the way.

Kate was going to do a wakeboarding lesson, but we decided against it. It was a little windy and the ocean was rough. I got a chance to play behind the boat. Our host managed to do a pretty impressive job considering the fact that it was the worst board I've ever seen. Instead of boots, the bindings resembled the front of sandals. He moved like an experienced surfer and was able to do some jumps and 180s.

I got a little air, but ended up falling too often. One time my feet came out of the bindings while I was still in the air! I blame the silly helmet they made me wear.

We rented a Jet Ski at the same beach that offered the wakeboarding. It was a pretty good time. We managed to throw ourselves off the vehicle a few times.

I got a chance to play a little ping pong with a Russian Woman who must have played in the 1974 Olympics - she was pretty good.

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