Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today we went to the Monkey Forest and Monkey Temple in Ubud. It was pretty fan-tastic! The pictures speak for themselves.

I did get scammed by a local (right), but it was worth it. After buying bananas to feed the monkeys, he sold us some overpriced bags of lychee fruits. The monkeys went nuts over these! They would literally climb all over you until you handed over their prize. Then they'd often hang out on your shoulders, making a mess on your clothes.

The guy sold me "his artwork", which was cool and hand made, but not likely by him. $20 later he was long gone. I saw similar pieces in the nearby market for cheap, cheap that afternoon. Oh well. He did show us around like he owned the place.

According to our guide, there were 450 monkeys there. It was pretty amazing having so many running wild.

Later that afternoon we did a whole lot of shopping. When it started raining hard we sat down to eat at the first place we saw. It was fantastic!

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