Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 2 - Coffee, Elephant Cave, and a sunset

We drove onward to a coffee and cocoa plantation. The free assortment on the left is: Bali Coffee (OK), Ginseng Coffee (delicious - I bought some in the gift shop), Hot Cocoa (tasty), Ginger Tea (not bad), and Lemongrass Tea (Interesting). They had free local tobacco to roll, but I declined. The Ginseng Coffee was really good. I bought some in the gift store to take home.

Next stop, Goa Gajah, the Elephant Cave. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. The Elephant cave is an old Temple that was rediscovered in the last century. It has nothing to do with Elephants, by the way. Here we were scammed by a local. He approached Katie, giving her a tour of the different things. It was annoying since we only had 20 minutes since we wanted to catch the sunset at the next famous spot, but he had interesting information. The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. I tipped him 5,000 rupies and he informed me that the going rate was 50k. After going around and around I gave him 20k more and said that was more than fair since we hadn't agreed to anything.

Katie gave in and handed him the cash. I still think that I should have dragged him to the "tourist security guard", paid the guy 10k and explained the situation. Oh well, 5 bucks is no big deal, but it's the principal. Everyone else has been very polite.

Our final "tour" destination was Tanah Lot this famous temple on the beach. It was breathtaking, despite the fact that the sun set behind clouds. It was also a tourist magnet, swarming with travelers with a range of accents. We sipped drinks from coconuts from a restaurant on the cliff. We're told this is one of the reasons to come to Bali. (Unfortunately, my better pics are on the other camera)

We had dinner in a place from the guide book in Ubud. Fresh tuna was on the menu so we ate up - sashimi and a grilled steak. I also had pork spare ribs. Delicious.

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